Wynot Holler is a sensational guitar-driven country band hailing from the picturesque Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. Their incredible musical talents and passion for country music have led them to cover a wide range of songs from the 90s to today’s latest hits from the likes of Trace Atkins, Eric Church, Brothers Osborne, Jason Aldean, Old Dominion, and Luke Combs.

The story of Wynot Holler began in the Spring of 2021 when a group of like-minded musicians gathered in the holler at 42.579973 and -88.336659. It was during this meeting that the idea for the band was born. The members knew they had something special, and they immediately set out to create something unique and unforgettable.

The band is comprised of five talented musicians, each bringing their own unique style and flair to the stage. Cletis Burroughs on the drums and Chris Beard on bass provide the tight precision and timing that are the foundation of the band’s sound. John Randall’s smokin’ lead guitar work is a standout feature, while Mike “Darbs” Darbro’s and Shania “SJ” Johnson use their powerful and passionate vocals to bring the band’s music to life.

Together, these five musicians form Wynot Holler, a band that is quickly gaining recognition as one of the best in the region. Their music is a blend of classic country and modern hits that are guaranteed to get any audience up and dancing. Whether they’re playing at a small venue or a large festival, Wynot Holler always brings their A-game and delivers an unforgettable performance.

If you’re in Southeastern Wisconsin or Northern Illinois, be sure to catch Wynot Holler at one of their upcoming shows. With their incredible talent, passion for music, and dedication to their fans, they are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them perform.

In addition to their impressive musical talents, Wynot Holler has a strong work ethic and a deep commitment to their craft. They spend countless hours rehearsing and perfecting their music, always striving to push themselves to new heights.

The band has also built a loyal fan base thanks to their engaging stage presence and their ability to connect with audiences of all ages. Whether they’re playing to a rowdy crowd in a honky-tonk bar or a family-friendly festival, Wynot Holler knows how to keep the party going and keep the audience entertained.

Beyond their music, the members of Wynot Holler are also active members of their community. They often donate their time and talent to local charities and fundraisers, using their platform to give back to those in need.

Overall, Wynot Holler is much more than just a country band. They are a group of dedicated musicians who are passionate about their craft, committed to their fans, and deeply rooted in their community. With their talent and drive, they are sure to continue making waves in the country music scene for years to come.